Roman Fashion Series: Essential Elements of an Italian Make-over

Ah, Roman women they do have style. I most admire the way they look fresh in skinny jeans at 40 degrees in the summer. No idea how they do it.

A typical Roman Fashion Ninja wearing long pants at 45 degrees! I would rather die!!

My one year in Rome was fashion catalyst for me. It happens automatically like magic. You just suck in all the beauty that is around you.

First I observed that  all of a sudden leaving the house without a minimum two of bracelets, styled eye brows and matching shoes and belts became inconceivable.

Than I went to the hairdresser and they insisted on highlights. This turned out great and with the long exposure to the sun in Italy I transformed myself from  brunette to blonde. Needless to say that the hair styling you get at a Roman Parrucchiere is much more dramatic than anywhere in the world.

If you want curls like this you have to tell the hairdresser that you want them "mosse" (= wavy).

Then I expanded my collectin of sandals significantly. After all sandal time in Italy is from March to October. So you NEED more of them. ( see my post on Italian shoes

OK these are the ultimate sandal dream, but with 200 Euros a bit over the top. right? Or maybe not?

So  much fun!

Everytime I am in Rome I keep making pictures of beautiful women outfits. Rome is a runway.

My Roman girl friends tell me that a mini-skirt in the city is actually a no-no, but I guess if you style it like this is ok.

Fortunately you will also find some more casual bad-ass styling. What a relief!

Summary: To keep up with Roman fashion standards you need to concentrate on attitude (olé!), hair, shoes and accessories (jewelry, bags etc) and mix it into one comprehensive look. Yes, yes, fare bella figura is hard work, but it is so worth it. On the other hand I am glad to be German which gives me the right to forget about style whenever I feel like it.

What can go wrong with Roma mia in the background?!


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